About us

Godiva's Secret enjoys a wonderful reputation in the wig business. We are honored to be referred by hospitals, oncologists, hair stylists and women from all over the country who wear our wigs. Our specialty and passion is working with first time wig wearers undergoing medical challenges such as chemotherapy, radiation, or loss of hair due to genetics, stress or other medical reasons.

The owners and employees at Godiva's Secret all wear our products - some because we have hair challenges of our own, others because we just love the idea of looking different everyday. By constantly creating new looks for ourselves, we have all learned the secrets that make or break a look - and we will share these secrets with you!

Many of our clients have a "hair wardrobe", owning two to twenty of our wigs or hairpieces. These women understand how wigs and hairpieces easily enhance their total look. They have a more positive mental attitude because they like the way they look! Our clients wear our products for work, travel, special occasions, or just because they want to!

We love to share our product with other women at fashion shows, women's groups, holiday bazaars and at our store in Woodland Hills, California. If you know of an event in Southern California that could use a dose of fun and surprise, contact us about providing entertainment!

The owner of Godiva's Secret also lectures and provides presentations locally and across the country.

You can reach us by email at Questions@godivassecret.com or phone us at (818) 591-0883.